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Community involvement

We have joined with a number of businesses inside our community that are working to make our area the healthiest in Oregon. The goal is to see strong families, solid schools and a thriving economy as the norm. There are barriers, and we know that along the way people need help. One key factor in a healthy community is the success of non-profits that work to remove the barriers. As we work towards our goal, the staff at Bliss Sequoia commits time and resources to a variety of non-profits.

When you purchase insurance from us you will get great service, experienced advisors, and well-thought-out coverage. The dollars you spend with us will reverberate around the community, with the benefits coming back to you in direct and indirect ways.

If you are looking for a place to plug in to help make a difference, we encourage you to contact us to get connected to a local non-profit. We can match up your passion with their mission. You may be at a point where you have the resources but not the time, and these entities are grateful for your donations as well. every dollar or hour you give is multiplied exponentially.

Thanks for working with us towards this goal!