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Would you use a dish-washer to wash your clothes or use a socket wrench to hammer a nail? Of course you wouldn’t. Why would you buy homeowner’s insurance that doesn’t fit your personal coverage needs? When shopping for insurance don’t just assume the coverage you currently have is adequate. Have your local agent evaluate your home, belongings, and personal liability needs and pair them with the company and coverage that adequately protects your assets. You work hard to acquire and maintain your belongings. Make sure they are properly protected. Saving a couple of dollars on your homeowner’s insurance is not worth the risk you take with inadequate coverage.

Shopping for homeowner’s insurance is a lot like grocery shopping. There are many different products to choose from. Take for instance laundry detergent. You may be able to pick the cheapest brand and obtain the same result as a more expensive brand. You might find that the container is twice the size as the product inside. Homeowner’s insurance is highly customizable. We don’t expect you to know that on standard homeowner’s policy’s there are limits for jewelry, rugs, or even grave headstones. Did you even know there is coverage under your policy for headstones? We ask questions to make sure what you hold dear is not limited to a dollar amount that doesn’t come near what it would cost to replace.

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