Insurance Brokers with Integrity

Nonprofit organizations

Bliss Sequoia Insurance & Risk Advisors, are driven by a true desire to support the charitable organizations that make the Northwest a better place to live. A good partnership between a nonprofit organization and their insurance agency is a necessity. Bliss Sequoia Insurance will provide on-going counsel to best align your exposures with your insurance portfolio. At Bliss Sequoia Insurance we insure YMCA’s, Boys & Girls Clubs, Human Rights Organizations, Animal Shelters and a vast array of other creative ventures designed to enhance the lives of others.

Work with a specialist

As our name suggests we aren’t simply insurance agents, we are advisors. We’ll review contracts with various types of entities and design your insurance portfolio to be in compliance. We recognize every dollar spent on insurance takes away from program dollars used to support your mission. If we believe the requirements on these contracts are too demanding for your organization we’ll fight on your behalf to amend them if this is in your organization’s best interest.

Risk management is an important component to insuring nonprofit organizations. As a client you’ll have access to our risk management library and the expertise of our in-house risk advisors. Have an on-site training with one of our risk advisors or let us facilitate specified training in your field.