Planning ahead is a necessity

Planning ahead is a necessity

Be assured your family’s financial future is secure

​Life Insurance

Choosing life insurance products can be a formidable task.  Can you put a dollar amount on your life?  We can.  Don’t put your family in the position of agonizing over your loss while simultaneously troubling over debts.

We offer the DIME calculator which calculates the correct death benefit for you.  DIME stands for Death Costs, Income Replacement, Mortgage Pay-off, and Expense Pay-off.   Death costs include all end-of-life expenses, including expenses for your medical bills and funeral. If all you’re looking for is the costs of your funeral paid for we encourage our clients to plan for at least $50,000.  The DIME calculator multiplies your annual income by five.  Mortgage Pay-off includes the amount you would need to pay off your mortgage.  The Expense Pay-off is the amount it would take to pay off your car payments, home equity loans, credit cards, school loans, etc.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about life insurance.  This site will help you filter your hunt for life insurance while our Life Insurance experts help you through the purchasing process.  With over thirty A+ rated life insurance companies we work with you’ll be sure to find the appropriate product, death benefit, and price.