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Life Insurance

Deciding what type of life insurance product to purchase, and how much to insure your llfe for, can be daunting. How much is your life worth? To your friends and family, you are (hopefully) priceless. The bottom line is, you do not want your family to be in a position where they are grieving their loss while worrying about debts.

To see what the right death benefit is for you, we offer the DIME calculator. DIME stands for Death Costs, Income Replacement, Mortgage Pay-off, and Expense Pay-off. Death costs would be all end-of-life costs, including medical and funeral expenses. Even if it's your desire to have a basic funeral, we'd encourage you to plan for at least $50,000. In replacing your income, the DIME calculator automatically multiplies your annual income by five times. Mortgage Pay-off is the amount you would need today to pay off your mortgage. The Expense Pay-off is the amount it would take to pay off your credit cards, school loans, home equity loans, car payments, etc.

If you have questions about which product is right for you, check out our Frequently Asked Questions to gain some insight. While this site is designed to help you refine your search, our Life Specialists will want to assist you through the purchase. We have over 30, A+ rated companies that we can compare, so you'll get the right product, the right death benefit, and the best price.